Assembly of components

Assembly of components in mechanical engineering

In the case of assembly of components in mechanical engineering, our excellent fixture construction enables our internally trained cutting machine operators, industrial mechanics and skilled metal workers to manufacture the welded components, welded brackets, welded constructions and welded subassemblies for you with repeat accuracy in quantities from 30 to 3,000 and more pieces.

After the surface coating, we are able to carry out mechanical, electrical and electronic assembly and installations in the assembly of components, with the help of modern process and quality tools and monitoring systems, as well as our own responsible teams, in order to create a complete product from our welded and milled as well as painted parts.

With the help of the latest digital tools, we enable changes and optimizations to be made in the course of simultaneous engineering. We transmit them in real time to the digital display systems of our specialized personnel.

In this way, products such as:

  • High-voltage storage systems Goods carriers incl. special coating for parts in contact with the battery
  • EBB vehicles (electric ground track vehicles)
  • AGV/FTS chassis
  • EHB hangers
  • Load suspension devices
  • Heavy duty hangers
  • Vehicle mounts
  • Workpiece pallets
  • Skids / transport skids / painting skids / assembly skids / skid adapters
  • Painting traverses / Crossbars
  • Assembly traverses
  • Axle pallets / Axle skids
  • Assembly workpiece carriers
  • Cockpit pre-assembly fixtures
  • Cockpit trolleys
  • EHB turnouts
  • Carriage trains
  • Paint fixtures
  • Door mounting fixtures (L-frame, C-frame)
  • Painting traverses
  • Painting trolleys
  • Pendulum hangers
  • Scissor frames incl. scissors for heavy duty hangers
  • Underbody protection swivel hangers
  • Pushing platforms / Skillets
  • Car body mounts
  • Telescopic arms for vehicle mounts
  • Spare parts for operating equipment
  • KTL locks
  • Carriages, C-frame / expansion joints / machined Vahle rails
  • FTS trays / FTS adapters

In addition to internal assembly and commissioning, primarily of our welded assemblies and welded constructions, we maintain our customers' conveyor systems in the course of preventive maintenance. In this area, too, our permanently employed industrial mechanics, cutting machine operators and skilled metal workers ensure that the highest standards are met.

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