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Welding company Irion

From the Black Forest out into the world
Irion GmbH, Schwarzeald, Deutschland, Weltweit
For many years our welding company has been trusted…
  • Selected partners of the automotive industry
  • Renowned steel and mechanical engineering companies
  • Public institutions from art and culture
  • Premium manufacturers from plant engineering & materials handling
  • Leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery

The welding company was founded in 1926 by Mr. Matthäus Irion. In 1978, the Hahn family acquired Matthäus Irion GmbH & Co. KG. From 1986, Eberhardt Hahn, who studied mechanical engineering, managed the company, and in 2018 the two industrial engineers and aeronautical engineers Bernd Fleissinger and Stefan Tschirk took over the welding company.

From 1979, the business area developed towards the production of transport and storage containers, primarily for the automotive industry. From the beginning of the 80s, the supply of the materials handling industry with components for their plants was added. Today, Irion serves customers from the automotive, construction, agricultural, cultural, logistics, medical and food technology sectors with demanding welding-milling combinations in quantities ranging from 30 to 1,000 pieces.


Due to a consistently high level of quality, professional order processing and on-time delivery, we are always the first choice for our customers compared to our competitors

An excerpt from our customer list, which includes many companies of distinction, is available upon request.

Numbers, data, facts

Currently Irion GmbH employs 40 motivated people in administration and production. The production area is about 3500 sqm.

The machinery consists of welding robots as well as semi-mechanical welding machines for different arc welding processes, CNC controlled machines for drilling and milling, lathes, press brakes, bending machines and sawing machines as well as numerous manipulation machines.

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Irion was founded in 1929 and is the industrial welding company from the Black Forest in Germany.

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