Precision cutting metal

Precision cutting metal

The basis of our products is precision cutting metal of steel and stainless steel parts, as well as CADCAM milled steel and stainless steel parts. Also sawed profiles made of steel and stainless steel. We create laser parts, bent parts, laser bent parts, edged parts or laser edged parts.

Depending on the thickness and heat input, we process as follows:

  • Conventional cutting / sawing / sawn profiles up to 9.4 inch
  • Laser cutting up to 0.98 inch
  • bent parts up to 0.98 inch
  • Laser bent parts up to 0.98 inch
  • Laser edged parts up to 0.98 inch
  • edged parts up to 0.98 inch

The basic dimensions of the parts made from laser cutting, bending, edging, laser edging parts and laser bending parts are blanks of 236 inch x 157 inch with thickness up to 5.9 inch. The usual thickness is 1.57 inch.

Due to our welding competence, guaranteed by our in-house welding engineers, as well as welding specialists, we also process fine-grained structural steel S460, S690, S960 and many more with our annually certified specialists according to ISO 3834, ISO 1090 ECX-2 & EXC-3 (Execution Class 2 and Execution Class 3).

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Irion was founded in 1929 and is the industrial welding company from the Black Forest in Germany.

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