Skid automotive

Skid automotive

Irion manufactures skids for the automotive industry. The body transport racks are designed for the specific requirements of automotive body-in-white production in paint lines and assembly lines including GEO skids.

Examples for our skids:

  • BIW Body In White Skids
  • Assembly Skids
  • Dip skids for cathodic dip painting (e-coating)
  • Paint Skids (including easy to clean, PTFE coated skids)
  • Topcoat Skids (including easy to clean, PTFE coated skids)
  • Skid testing gauges / test stations / including levelling table or hand gauges
  • Transportation Skids

Our skids have a load capacity of up to 5 tons and can withstand an acceleration of up to 3m/s².

Our components are used by our customers to produce cross conveyors or roller conveyors.

Other skid components that we produce:

  • Mechanical parts for push skids
  • Wheel Brackets
  • Sole Plates
  • Pre-trim Adapter
  • Final Line Carrier
  • Center Guides
  • Cable Supports
  • Skillet Latches

We do manufacture original parts and spare parts for conveyer lines especially parts touching the car body meeting precise tolerances less than +/- 0,5mm.

The skids can be shipped pre-assembled in a semi-finished state to save space in the containers. The final assembly then takes place on site without any loss of quality, proven many times (references upon request). Stowing up to 22 tons, customs clearance and container shipping overseas to be handled by Irion employees based on long-term experience.

Our certified welding company manufactures customized skids including R&D for automotive applications from 30 to 5.000 units. We guarantee extremely efficient production through automated robotic welding in project series from 100 units. We stand for consistently high quality, a sense of responsibility and precision.

Key points of our skid production:

  • Highly automized robot lines for parts up to 6m length
  • Yearly production of up to 10.000 skids
  • Low cost automation based on smart jigs
  • SMED changeable
  • Dual skids lines with output of 150 skids per week
  • Focus on zero issue quality standard due to inline checking procedure
  • Guaranteed availability of all spare parts such as lockings, bells, and single parts

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Irion was founded in 1929 and is the industrial welding company from the Black Forest in Germany.

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